5 Crazy Donut Incarnations in Chicago

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#1. “Waffle Donut”  aka “The Awful Waffle” aka “The Pancreas Buster”

The dudes at Thrilllist got the scoop on the newest donut hybrid to hit the streets. Get yourself familiar with the “Wonut” – The Waffle Donut you can scoop at Waffles Cafe.  It makes so much sense, I’m surprised it took this long.

wonut1Image yoinked from the fatties at Thrillist


#2. “The Cronut” aka “The Doughssant” aka “The Chubby Frenchman” aka “The FreedomNut”.

Originally only available from Dominique Ansel Bakery in NY, but now attainable from these various joints in Chicago.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAImage & master’s thesis ganked from Wikipedia

#3. “The Maple Bacon” aka “The Corpulent Canuck” aka “The Chubby Hipster”

From Glazed and Infused, this dude is already a legend with it’s perfect balance of sweet and savory.

glazed-infused-maple-baconBacon porn and partial erection courtesy of GoGlazed.com

#4. “The JB Dare” aka “The Hasidic Goo” aka “The Yumaka”

Sloppy Joe with Cheese on a glazed donut from JBs Deli.  Honestly, I didn’t detect any cheese, but it was hard to taste anything other than meaty, meaty sugar.


 A good decision when you’re done trying to be appealing to the opposite sex.  Nobody has ever been laid after eating one of these.  Nobody.

jbdare3Photo courtesy of my own fat ass.

#5.  “The Donut Burger”  aka “The Lonely Fat Man” aka “The Please Do Not Resuscitate”

Exclusively at Buzz on Irving Park. A glazed donut / cheddar pepper jack /truffle aioli / ketchup / caramelized strawberries!!! / bacon.  This is arguably the richest food item you can legally put in your mouth.  I’d recommend a low-end pilsner and 22 units of Humalog to wash it down.

buzzbar_donut_burgerWhat has science done?  (Image Yoinked without permission from Dennis Lee @ Serious Eats

How far will this trend go?  Does it ever end?   Donut Pizza? Donut Hot Dog? Donut Soup?  Apparently not. . .

Know of some other places getting reckless with donuts?  Drop us a line and let us know at chicagogluttons@gmail.com!

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    Heather April 23, 2014 - 11:39 am Reply

    At South Water Kitchen is a donut and venison chili that is pretty tasty!

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