Cochinita Pilil Torta at Xoco

0 Posted by - September 16, 2009 - Culinary Centerfolds

Back on Top Chef Masters, Rick Bayless was hurdling chefs like Carl Lewis at the Pan American Games.  Riding his personal fame train, Ricky B launched Xoco a few weeks back, serving up tortas and caldos, barrio-styles.  Hows the food?  How the fuck yall think?  Our boy efisher over at the CG flickr pool reminds us that it is actually possible to be a white man jammed up in anudda brown skinned, minority’s body.

cochinita pibil torta @ xoco

Straight from the horse’s mouf:  Very tasty torta, with moist meat, a nice habanero-based salsa (ordered ‘hot’), pickled onions, and black beans. Pretty much exactly what you would expect if someone said “cochinita pibil” to you. What made it stand out was the bread, which was fantastic. That said, when this sandwich is $12 and a platter of nearly as good cochinita can be had at xni pec for $11 or Chuck’s for $12… I find it hard to say “go get this sandwich”.

If the picture has you on fiend, CG’s suggest you stick up a Walgreen’s, Golden Nugget or something and eat these goodies on comp.  Grab us some White Owls while you at it.

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    Paul September 17, 2009 - 2:19 pm Reply

    Try the Ahogada; carnitas sandwich ‘resting’ in a spicy (order hot) tomato broth. Magic. Bayless put mine in the bowl, so I felt like I was eating the body and blood of christ. This place ain’t cheap for sammies, but they pump out good shit.

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