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6 Posted by - April 8, 2014 - Things We've Eaten, Try This Shit

There is a time and place for a short stack and a couple strips of bacon at your neighborhood spot.  This aint fucking it. This is Fat Rice. And if you’ve found yourself nestled up under Mey-Mey’s titties, understand that they now do brunch (aka Cha Gordo; aka Fat Tea brunch).

Krew is still wrecking shit; its just that the deliciousness is now available 6 hours earlier.  Simply roll out the cot, hop the 52 and flash chiclets at the crying children in high chairs, which have shockingly taken a liking to Euro-Asian cuisine. We aint mad.

Por ejemploes, cousin:


The Macanese minchi.  You got stir-fried minced pork, coconut rice, green onion, potato croutons and baby bok choy. Layers of clean.  Top them shits off with a duvet cover of sunny egg and nestle right in.

Mustn’t sleep on the schedule of steamed dumplings, either.

If you get down with a burger for brunch, try below: bacon cheeseburger steamed shu mai.  A meatball in a homemade wonton wrap topped with “special sauce (fuck off Yao Ming),” cornichon pickle and onion. Derricious.  The 10K dumplings (curried skrimps, jicama, and tobiko in a carrot dough wrapper) stabbing out in the back got even more praise; but they accepted the latter-shine in the name of gluttony.


Yea, so, just fucking go and eat this shit already.

Brunch prudes new to the way we do things here?  Check the unprofane, DSLR food-play from our homies ova at the Reader.

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