Chili Dogs on the Beach

0 Posted by - July 28, 2007 - Things We've Eaten

So the other day I waddled my dumpy ass a few blocks north to Berger park check out the new lakeside sausage dealer I’ve been hearing so much about. The Dawghaus Cafe is a pleasant little hot dog joint on the far north side. The menu has a healthy variety of hot dogs and some unique items (apple walnut salad? pita pizza?) for those that have aversions to encased meats. As hot dogs go, this place isn’t going to challenge established masters like The Wieners Circle or SuperDawg but it is still will exceed your expectations. (for people in Edgewater it’s one of your only options.) The price is simply unreal . .I am guessing that this place is subsidized by the park district. Subsidized hot dogs are delicious.

On the menu I found . .

Chili Cheese Dawghaus @ the dawghaus cafe, edgewater chicago

(chili, onions, cheese)

Delicious, but not exactly the master race of hot dog:

Krout Dawghaus @ the dawghaus cafe, edgewater chicago

(sour kraut, mustard)

And the most wonderful item on the menu:

Dynamite Dog Dawghaus @ the dawghaus cafe, edgewater chicago.

(chili, cheese, sport peppers, hot chili sauce)

Look at this motherfucking hot dog:

Chili Cheese Dawghaus @ the dawghaus cafe, edgewater chicago

At this point you are either hungry or nauseated. Now . .lets talk about the view you get when you pound these dogs two at a time:

Outside the dawghaus cafe.

Bottom line . .if you are in the area and feel like an above average dog at dirt cheap prices take a visit.

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