Shortrib Sandwich at Lockwood

0 Posted by - February 13, 2010 - Culinary Centerfolds, Things We've Eaten, Try This Shit

Palmer House?  The fuck?  No, this post aint about the Twentieth Annual Meeting of the Society for Text & Discourse or that time your boss told you she’d pick up a couple AWDs (after work dranks) at the Lobby Bar, then cut out early, leaving you with a healthy tab.  Nah, fam, this post is about a gotdamn sandwich and the food scientry going on at Lockwood.  Not familiar with Philip Foss?  Wrong Answer.

Skip that $5 footlong college bullshit and head straight for the pros.


Pictured above, we have the Shortrib sandwich served along truffled potato chips, courtesy of KidItamae and the CG Flickr Group.  This flick honestly had us on some L.L. Cool J shit, licking lips every 20-30 seconds.  Be sure to peep Foss’ blog, The Pickled Tongue to see dood fulfilling his slave master duties, steadily cracking whip on the backs of the downtown culinary scene.

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    D-Nice July 18, 2010 - 5:43 pm Reply

    Haven’t visited in a while, just going through – LOL on the Society for Text & Discourse. I’m part of that group!!!

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