The Deliciousness VII

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Basking under unseasonably pleasant March temps, a thick contingent developed on a creaky front porch deep within Albany Park.  A couple heads pulled out American Spirits and resh as we got lifted by the anticipation of it all.  Inside, the living room was knee deep in construction, but the naked frames added a crude beauty.  A soft glow emitted from the candle centerpieces while hard bop notes bellowed from Coltrane’s saxophone.  High heels vibrated through hardwood while the chatter grew.  A kat in the corner poured Grey Goose into his tumbler with a heavy hand; corks on Sierra Nevada’s 30th Anniversary Ale popped off like gunshots.

And there was a fragrance…an omnipresent, delicious odor which effortlessly oozed its way through Koreatown.  Braised pork, thyme, and beef stock melded together to form a cypher for the senses.  When I made it to the kitchen, I stumbled upon the organized chaos of two men nestled inside madness; effortlessly working in harmonious tandem. The goal: cook the living shit out of six courses and bust every gut in the process.

Yall know what this is.


With the passing of the winter season, a Chicago Gluttons dining club tradition experiences revivification.  The Deliciousness VII.  In typical gluttony fashion, this annual affair is like none other.  A feast that will steal your life away faster than a Toyota Camery.  Imagine Sunday Dinner and add some Black Sabbath to it.  Year after year, chefs Mike Regan and John Honkala continue to cook aggressively and without inhibition.  Couple these gentlemen with front of the house support from Heather Clark, and just call it easy street.

After a toast of gin to build appetite and enhance digestion, we unfolded napkins and clutched cutlery.  We live to consume; and nobody does it better than this bunch of kids.  So heed while we go Undercover Boss on yall, giving you a sneak peak of true, unadulterated blue collar dining.


Course 1: Pork rilletes and country style pate w/ stoneground mustard, cornichons, and minced garlic


Course 2: French onion soup w/ crouton, gruyere, and homemade beef stock


Course 3: French drip au jus w/ homemade slaw, and pickle


Course 4: Grilled sockeye plank salmon & blueberries w/ serrano ham, and dandelion greens


Course 5: Lyonaisse salad w/ poached egg, and homemade bacon bits


Course 6: Duck leg and thigh confit, homemade toulouse sausage, and navy bean cassoulet


Somebody call in a fleet of Merry Maids


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    elsie April 4, 2010 - 7:11 pm Reply

    i want in

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    K0rt April 5, 2010 - 10:44 am Reply

    Ditto! looks delicious!

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    harvey April 5, 2010 - 11:47 pm Reply

    Well done with the photos, D.

    As for the words? I don’t have to read ’em….I lived it! (In the voice of Pee-Wee as spoken to Dottie)

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    Aside from thee scenes, the trailer would best be shown in high-definition. Nick just happens to be a cousin of Daisy, who lives with Toom across the water from Gatsby.

    The next version of Windowss beyond Vistfa is Windows

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