Soul Power Buffet at Priscilla’s

0 Posted by - September 24, 2009 - Try This Shit

When I moved here, I stayed with my Aunt Lucinda who has a spot in La Grange Park.  On Sunday afternoons, after 6 hours of sweaty Baptist church service, we’d hop on the 20 north bound, up in the Cut, with a propensity for consumption (Aunt Lucinda puts food DOWN, yall) headed straight for Priscilla’s Ultimate Soul Food.

Someone cue my fucking soul claps and high hat.  Grab a tray and some orange drink.  Its time to revive the cafeteria dining experience.


Even though Ive moved into the grid, with food at my fingertips, I can honestly say that I miss these Sunday road trips.  The clientele was old and it smelled like moth balls, but if you’re eating soul food, these should be prerequisites. 

Appreciation to Defiant Conviction for bringing southern style gluttony back to the front page.

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