Mee Deez Nuts!

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It’s 1:45am, and the bartender has just flipped on the lights. What was once a dark, hip, land of potential is now a pitiful display of desperation. It’s time to roll out. Sooner than later. With age comes wisdom and you know that the only chance of avoiding a crippling hangover requires that you get carnal with something delicious.

But the north side late night dining options are limited, you have to choose wisely.  There’s a new kid on the block which isn’t just tasty, but really fun to call out when brainstorming with friends.


Mee Deez Nizzles, better known as Mee Dee Cafe, is a Thai Restaurant in disguise. Sure you can get your bullshit chicken pad thai – extra mild and scurry back into your PT cruiser to your townhouse in Schaumburg. Or if you got a beef heart, and your feeling straight gully, you’ll need to ask these dudes for the ‘congee menu’.

The congee menu starts with a bowl of rice porridge (congee) and a choice from about a bazillion items to drop in, or eat along side.  To me, the congee is the least interesting part of the menu.  Just some tasteless watery rice soup to buffer the incoming pungent shit-storm.  You should still order it, but treat it as filler, you wont want to waste the space. . .

Dehydrated Fish Grenade (Pla Salit Thot)

Now this evil little motherfucker exhibits a very rare food combination, it smells like un-wiped ass but is somehow magically delicious. Don’t take that warning lightly, this is some rank ass shit. But it’s good. And it’s weird. You have to be REALLY cool with the smell of rotting fish to even have this thing on your table. Outside of Steve Dolinsky’s bike seat, this is the fishiest thing in Chicago.

Chinese Sausage Salad (Yum Kun Chiang)

Now this is a salad I can get behind. A definite ‘must get’ when you roll into Mee Deez Nizzles. The flavor of these happy discs is unlike anything I’ve ever had before. Think of slightly chewy summer sausage dunked in a mystery crack-based glaze. That was awful, I know, but you seriously just have to try it, it’s stupid.

I rolled in there with Chinbeard once and he was really enjoying how much “I like the Chinese sausage.”


Shut up, beard.

Candied Fish Jerky (Pla Wan)


Now this is some shit you’ll never see those Jack’s Links dudes rolling out anytime soon. Just like the fish grenade, this is an unlikely combination of flavors. It’s essentially semi-sweet fish jerky and holy shit, it’s actually really freaking good. Slide a few pieces in your back pocket for later.


Fucked up looking hot dog explosions. (Mu – Daet – Diao?)


So this one had me a little confused, just because I was expecting something more exotic.  I’m 90% sure these are straight up ball park wieners thrown a deep fryer with a side of sweet and sour sauce.  Nothing to complain about, but not exactly mind-blowing.


Big Ol Pile of Mini-Fried Eggs (Sunny Sunny)


Now this is what I’m talking about.  These little dudes are perfectly cooked, with runny yolk and all.  Next time, I’ll bring 10 sliders and play “Honey I Shrunk the Kuma Burger.”
The craziest part about Me Dee Cafe’s Congee menu is that there are like 100 items to choose from.  That’s some serious depth yo.  Go get yours.


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