Death by Pizza – Over Eating @ Gullivers Pizza

0 Posted by - September 23, 2007 - Things We've Eaten

My time has come. The end is near. I fear that I don’t have much time left so I will be sure to use these words wisely. As I write this, a river of piping hot mozzerella cheese is oozing from my ruptured stomach and enveloping my failing organs. I used to think that eating yourself to death was only possible at gun point, so please learn from my story and don’t repeat my mortal mistakes. (btw, if anyone I know personally is reading this I want The Baby Elephant Walk played at at my funeral. Make this happen or I’m coming back and sliming nurgaz.) It’s going to happen any minute now . . .

Oh sweet lord, accept me into thy open arms. But how did this happen you ask?

Today I went to Gulliver’s Pizza on Howard st. and totally lost control. I wasn’t even hungry, I had no business being there. I was to just enjoy “a few drinks” and the beautiful patio area. You know, this is what responsible adults do for leisure. As always a few drinks turned into several, and several drinks turned into me accidentally ordering an extra large 16 inch pan pizza topped with pepperoni, jalepenos all for myself. This is about a 10 pound (4.54 kilogram) pizza.

It arrived wearing a tin foil burka:
Gullivers Pan Pizza - The Best Pan Pizza in the Western World
Don’t be shy! You don’t have to hide under there . . . you are free here and I think you are beautiful . . .

Gullivers Pan Pizza - The Best Pan Pizza in the Western World
No its ok to show off a little . . If this is wrong, why does it feel so right?

What happened next is difficult to explain. Have you ever experienced road hypnosis? Like when you are driving on the highway and all of a sudden you’ve traveled 50 miles from your last memory? Imagine that happening while eating pizza. Shortly after taking this photo I entered my first and final state of deadly food hypnosis. What appropriate and beautiful death.

Gullivers Pan Pizza - The Best Pan Pizza in the Western World

When I came to the pizza was 50% complete. Small chunks of jalepeno & pizza crust peppered my lap and shirt & my wrist watch was missing.


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    Darwensi September 25, 2007 - 6:51 am Reply

    good thing you the pizza killed you and not the bruddas wearing oversized tees that look like night gowns.

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    Josh July 28, 2008 - 8:22 am Reply

    God bless Gulliver’s pan pizza.

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    mike November 2, 2008 - 2:13 pm Reply

    Since Gullivers changed ownership,the quality has taken a BIG NOSE DIVE. Their Chicaken Vesuvio USED TO BE pretty good. They’re now using boneless breasts instead of a half-chicken and the resultts are very disappointing. The same goes for their tacos, they USED TO BE very good, now they’re mediocre. Until they return to their old standards ,I’ll go elsewhere.

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    Kat January 27, 2009 - 4:02 pm Reply

    I don’t think that the quality has taken any sort of nose dive. As for Mike’s comment…Chicken Vesuvio should be made with boneless chicken breast. I don’t know what village you came from but being from a long line of restaurant owners cross country, that’s how it should be. If you don’t like it then go else where. I love their pan and stuffed spinach pizza and eat it once a week. Go Gullivers!

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